Dentistry specialty

Dentistry specialty:

Dentistry is one of the medical branches that specializes in diagnosing and treating diseases of the mouth, jaws, teeth and surrounding tissues. Dentistry is not limited to the therapeutic aspect only, but rather preventing diseases and preventing their occurrence is one of the most important points on which dentistry is based.

Number of years of studying dentistry in Turkey:

The duration of studying dentistry in Turkey is five years, divided into two main stages :

 First stage:

This stage represents the first three academic years, and during this stage the student undertakes theoretical and practical study.

Clinical phase II:

The fourth and fifth years are the crucial stage in dentistry, during which the student will apply everything he has learned in his previous years to patients under the supervision of professors and specialists.

Lessons and school curricula in dentistry:

– General Anatomy 

– Physiology

– Microbiology 

– Pharmaceuticals 

– Dental materials

– Reconstructive Therapy

– Endodontic therapy

– Orthodontics  

Dentistry specialty departments:

 –Reconstructive Therapy 

– Endodontic therapy

– Prosthodontics 

– Pediatric Dentistry 

– Orthodontics 

– Maxillofacial surgery 

– Radiology

– Oral medicine and periodontal treatment

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