Mechatronics Engineering Specialty

Mechatronics Engineering Specialty :

Mechatronics engineering is a modern engineering discipline that integrates mechanical, electronic, control, and software engineering.  Mechatronics engineers focus on the design and control of a wide range of electromechanical devices, from products encountered in everyday life such as ATMs and vending machines to complex intelligent machines used in manufacturing and microrobots used in surgical procedures.

Number of years of studying mechatronics engineering in Turkey:

The number of years of studying mechatronics engineering in Turkey is 4 years.

One year of study, which is a preparatory year for the language, may be increased if the student is not fluent in one of the two languages, whether Turkish or English.

Lessons and curricula taught in the mechatronics engineering :

– İntroduction to mechatronics

– Algorithms and programming

– Analysis

– Physics

– Chemistry

– Engineering mechanics

– Computer tools necessary for a mechatronics engineer

– Electrical and electronic circuits

– Linear algebra

– Probability and statistics

– Mathematical modeling

– Materials science for the •mechatronics engineer

– Engineering economics analysis

– Differential equations

– İntroduction to robotic systems

– Design in mechatronics engineering

– Engineering and science ethics

– Practical training

– Graduation Project

– Control systems design

– Resistance

– Signals and systems

– Engineering thermodynamics summer training

– Logic and microprocessing  systems

– Sensors and actuators

– Design of mechatronics elements

– Motion control systems

Departments of mechatronics engineering :

– Robotics manufacturing and maintenance.

– Aircraft manufacturing and maintenance.

– Nanotechnology industry.

– Working in oil and gas refining companies and supervising the operation of devices and equipment.

– Biomedical systems industry.

– Computer manufacturing, design and maintenance.

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