Interior Architecture Specialty

Interior Architecture Specialty :

The specialty of interior architecture and environmental design in Turkey is considered one of the modern specializations that is in great demand at the present time. It focuses on interior design in a way that is compatible with public needs, achieving elements of luxury, and consistent with environmental basics. The specialty of interior architecture and environmental design also includes the materials used, furniture, methods of distribution and quality, and lighting.  Necessary to make the design more attractive and sustainable in terms of use.

Number of years of studying interior architecture in Turkey:

The number of years of studying interior architecture in Turkey is 4 years.

One year of study, which is a preparatory year for the language, may be increased if the student is not fluent in one of the two languages, whether Turkish or English.

Lessons and curricula taught in the interior architecture :

– Environmental psychology                 

– Computer modeling

– Materials and internal structure

– Technical drawing

– Occupational Health and Safety

– Materials and techniques for producing furniture design

– Color and people

– Directing methods

– İnterior Design

– Textile and furnishings Custom         

– Furniture design Perspective and shadows

Departments of interior architecture :

– Working with interior decoration companies. 

– Working with real estate consulting companies.

– Working with companies specialized in building gardens, parks, entertainment buildings, etc.

– Working with real estate consulting companies

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