Because Turkey is the first destination for foreign students, it provides various scholarships to students to help them complete their academic journey, and one of the most important scholarships available in Turkey is the Turkish scholarship. Turkey is available

Introduction to the Turkish scholarship 2024-2025:

The Free Turkish Scholarship is a scholarship offered by the Turkish government to foreign students from all over the world, and it is considered one of the most famous scholarship programs around the world, due to the fact that it includes almost all specializations and all levels of study: bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate. The Turkish government also provides no less than 4,000 scholarships annually to study in the most prestigious public universities in Turkey with various educational degrees (Bachelor’s, Master’s, Doctorate), and to cover all expenses incurred such as university expenses, housing, accommodation, subsistence, and many others, which we will talk about in detail in this article. Before discussing how to register for the Turkish scholarship.

Application date for the Turkish scholarship 2024-2025:

According to what was stated in the announcement of the official website of the Turkish scholarship, the date of the Turkish scholarship and the opening of registration for the current academic year will be on January 10, 2024, and application ends on February 20, 2024.
Application for the scholarship begins: 01/10/2024

Application for the scholarship ends: 02/20/2024

Advantages of obtaining the Turkish scholarship:

– A monthly salary of 3,500 Turkish liras for bachelor’s students
– A monthly stipend of 5,000 Turkish liras for master’s students
– A monthly salary of 6,500 Turkish liras for doctoral students
– Round-trip flight ticket
– health insurance
– Living
– Student accommodation for the duration of study
– University costs
– A year to study the Turkish language
– Provides assistance in all services
– Opening bank accounts for accepted students
– The international student will definitely feel at home in Türkiye
– Every year, more than 4,000 students are accepted from all countries of the world.
– Health expenses for all students are covered by public health insurance
The student who is successful in the scholarship will obtain a study visa with ease directly from the Turkish embassy in his country.
The Turkey scholarship is comprehensive at all levels of study, including secondary school, bachelor’s, master’s, doctorate, research, and short courses as well. 

Specializations available to apply for the Turkish scholarship:

– Medical specialties and pharmacy
– Engineering specializations of all kinds
– Scientific, literary, artistic, tourism and economic academic specializations.
– Studies of law, psychology, sociology, business administration, etc.

What are the conditions for the Turkish scholarship for the year 2024-2025?


– The age of the student applying for a bachelor’s degree must not exceed 21 years.

– Must have graduated from high school or are about to graduate.

– The student’s average must not be less than 70% for all specializations except medicine, and the student’s average must not be less than 90% for medical specializations.

– The applicant must be of foreign origin.

For Masters:
– The age of the student applying for the Master’s degree must not exceed 30 years.
– Must have graduated from a bachelor’s degree or are about to graduate.
– The student’s average must not be less than 75%.
– The applicant must be of foreign origin.

For doctorate:
– The age of the student applying for the doctorate must not exceed 35 years.
– Must have graduated or are about to graduate from a master’s degree.
– The student’s average must not be less than 75%.
– The applicant must be of foreign origin.

Documents required to register for the Turkish scholarship 2024-2025

For all students:

– passport
– Photograph
– High School certificate.
– Letter of recommendation (if available) such as international certification exams: SAT, ACT GRE, IELTS, TOFEL (if available).
– Letter of intent
– Certificates of excellence or honor in any field, participation in training courses, or volunteer certificates (if any).
– TÖMER. YÖS or TOMER YÖS exam certificates
– Work experience certificates (if any).

For graduate students:
In addition to the documents above, the following documents are also necessary to apply for the master’s and doctoral degrees:
– University graduation document (certified and translated by the Ministry of Education in your country).
– Master’s degree success document (for doctoral students, certified and translated).

For more details about grants and registration, you can contact us: Via WhatsApp

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