Pharmacy specialty

Pharmacy specialty:

The College of Pharmacy is considered a global reference in the field of pharmaceutical sciences and pharmaceutical research. The college offers specialized educational programs that qualify students to work in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry.

Number of years of studying pharmacy in Turkey:

The number of years of studying pharmacy in Turkey is 5 years.

One year of study, which is a preparatory year for the language, may be increased if the student is not fluent in one of the two languages, whether Turkish or English.

Lessons and school curricula at the College of Pharmacy :

Pharmaceutical Sciences:

Includes Study of pharmaceutical supplier, clinical pharmacy and industrial pharmacy .

Basic Sciences : 

Includes The study of organic chemistry, biology, physics, and mathematics .

Clinical Pharmacy:

It deals with the description of drugs, their effects, and their use in treating Various diseases.

Pharmaceutical research:

 Learn Students how to design and implement pharmaceutical research and analysis Data.

Pharmacy specialty departments:

Hospital Pharmacy : 

It seeksto develop pharmacists’ skills in delivering pharmaceutical care In hospitals and health centers.

Clinical Pharmacy:

Teaching students the human context for safe and effective use For medicines.

Research Pharmacy:

Focuses on scientific research and development of new and innovative medicines .

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