Accounting specialty

Accounting specialty :

Accounting is considered a branch of management that deals with financial operations and managing numbers within companies and institutions to calculate profits, losses, and discounts to determine the company’s results at the end of the fiscal year. Despite the maturity of the accounting specialization, there is still significant demand due to the advancement and evolution of the global economic system, and the increasing number of companies established each year. These companies always need accountants to manage their financial affairs to withstand market challenges and assess any financial risks.

Number of years of studying accounting in Turkey:

The number of years of studying accounting in Turkey is 4 years.

One year of study, which is a preparatory year for the language, may be increased if the student is not fluent in one of the two languages, whether Turkish or English.

Curriculum in accounting Specialization:

– Principles of Accounting

– Financial Management

– Cost Accounting

– Accounting for Financial Institutions

– Managerial Accounting

– Financial Statement Analysis

– Financial Accounting

– Tax Accounting

– Corporate Accounting

– Governmental Accounting

– Auditing

– Advanced Accounting

– International Accounting Standards

– Macroeconomics

– Microeconomics

– Statistics

– International Auditing Standards

Accounting specialty departments:

– Working in banks

– Employment in public institutions

– Working as a general coordinator for financial accounting

– Working as a head of the accounting department

– Working as a cost accountant

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