Unified LEOs Exam

What is the unified YOS exam?

It is a local Turkish test that is not recognized internationally. It is an abbreviation for Sınavı Öğrenci Uyruklu Yabancı, which means in Turkish the test for foreign students. The YÖS test is a condition for admission to Turkish public universities. The unified YOS exam is held twice a year.

What is the importance of the unified YOS exam?
The importance of the unified YÖS test lies in its being a basic requirement in the admission process in most Turkish public universities.
The Unified YOS differs from traditional tests because it depends largely on the student’s mental level and his ability to solve problems using scientific methods and sound foundations.
Your score in the Unified YOS test contributes to raising your chances of admission to most universities in Turkey, as some universities give priority to the student’s score in the Unified YOS test over his score in the secondary school certificate he obtained in his country, which enables him to apply to study in the Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Engineering, and all majors. Which requires high rates.

What does the unified YOS exam consist of?

mathematics :
It includes natural and integer numbers, sequences, rational numbers, decimal numbers, quadratic and cubic identities, factorization, ratios, proportionality, and roots, in addition to first- and second-degree equations, inequalities, absolute value, sets, containment, belonging, meeting, intersection, and difference, as well as functions and their types, and properties of operations in algebra, polynomials, quadratic rates, and pieces. The equivalent, in addition to trigonometric functions and ratios, conversion laws, the inverse of trigonometric functions, complex numbers, powers, addition of powers, complex numbers, exponential and logarithmic functions, numerical series and sequences, limits, their properties and definition, all cases of indeterminacy, dependent derivatives, all types of derivative and infinite integration with their definition, types and derivatives, volume calculations, exchange and combinatorics. Square matrices, and other mathematical topics.

Intelligence questions:
It includes (mathematics) and mathematics (intelligent question) the foundations of mathematical analysis. The second section consists of geometry questions and includes a comprehensive curriculum for all engineering foundations.
What is meant by intelligence questions, which are symbolized by (IQ), are questions through which the student’s mental abilities are measured, and they depend mainly on his intelligence and thinking ability, and they contain the following ideas: encoding numbers, operations, consecutive numbers, the relationship between the operation and numbers, tables, The relationship between geometric shapes, graphs, perimeter and area.

Engineering :
It includes the bisector, the median, the median, the triangle (its types and theorems), quadrilaterals, hexagons, parallelograms, rhombuses, trapezoids, squares, rectangles, circles, tangents to circles, hypotenuses, Cartesian coordinates, the slope equation, straight lines, linear equations, solids, rays, and other engineering topics.

How to prepare for the Unified YOS exam:
There are many books spread in Turkey in both Turkish and English to help you prepare for the Unified YÖS exam, the most famous of which is the Metropol book.
There are also educational institutes that help you prepare for the Unified YOS test, and they provide you with the study of the curriculum in Arabic, and provide you with solved YOS books.

Distribution of Unified YOS exam questions  : 
In general, the unified YOS exam consists of 80 questions:

1. Mathematics questions: Mostly 40 questions.
2. Logic and intelligence questions: to measure the student’s mental abilities and ability to think, and there are usually 35 questions.
3. Geometry topics (includes one book). Recently, another topic was added about questions that include mathematics problems. This was implemented starting in 2017 in various universities, and their number is usually 5 questions. It is worth noting that there is no fixed distribution of questions, as it varies. The distribution of questions in the YÖS test varies from one university to another, but different universities provide questions that revolve around assessing the level of the student’s intellectual intelligence and his ability to do mathematical analysis. The difference in the distribution of questions is due to the vision of each university and the method of sorting students, knowing their capabilities, and making comparisons on this basis. The student must know these percentages and these details for each test before registering for it and what is required of him in order to determine an excellent result that gives the student priority in the comparison.As for the time allocated to take the YÖS test in most universities, it is (100) minutes to answer (80) questions, which means that the time allocated for each question is 1.15 minutes.

Where is the Unified LEOs exam held?

There are many accredited centers to conduct the exam, including inside Türkiye and outside Türkiye.

The centers inside Turkey are:

Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Bursa, Gaziantep, Mersin, Hatay, Edirne, Urfa, Trabzon, Kilis, Kayseri, Kahramanmaraş, Mardin, Konya, Turkish Cyprus.

The centers outside Turkey are:

Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Tunisia, Lebanon, Jordan, Libya, Sudan, Qatar, Kuwait, Kazakhstan, Egypt, Germany, Chad, Nigeria, Indonesia, Niger, Senegal, Australia, Azerbaijan, France, Russia, Uzbekistan, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Indonesia, Ethiopia, Mali, Somalia.

Who can apply to take the Unified YOS exam?

In fact, all students of all ages and levels of education can apply and take the exam, whether the students have finished high school or not.
But it is known that for a student to apply to a government university, it is normal for him to have completed secondary school.

How much time does a student need to study the Unified Bios?
The duration of studying the unified degree in institutes lasts for 4 months in the intensive course. And from 7 to 8 months in regular courses.

What is the language of the Unified YOS exam?
Turkish – Arabic – English – German – Russian – French Acceptance rates at public universities for the unified YÖS test vary according to the number of students applying for each major. Some universities are in high demand, and some universities require more difficult conditions.
Human medicine is 90% in most universities.
– Engineering is 85% in most universities.
– Literary majors are 60% in most universities.
Acceptance is through comparison between students.

The validity period of the unified LEOs exam:
The unified YOS certificate is valid for two years.

Other important information about the Unified Yoss:

The exam score is out of 500, not 100.

– Every four wrong answers delete a correct answer.

Registration dates: : 

First exam:

Registration starts: 01/03/2024

Registration ends: 03/18/2024

Late registration starts: 03/26/2024

Late registration ends: 03/28/2024

Exam date: 05/18/2024

Announcement of results: 06/14/2024

Second exam:

Registration starts: 08/16/2024

Registration ends: 02/09/2024

Late registration starts: 09/10/2024

Late registration ends: 09/12/2024

Exam date: 10/27/2024

Announcement of results: 11/22/2024

Exam fees :

1600 Turkish Liras in the following centers:

Turkey – Azerbaijan – Germany – Saudi Arabia – Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus – France – Qatar – Kuwait – Australia – Russia.

500 Turkish Liras in the following centers:

Tunisia – Afghanistan – Kazakhstan – Algeria – Egypt – Uzbekistan – Tajikistan – Kyrgyzstan.

300 Turkish Liras in the following centers:

Chad – Mali – Ethiopia – Mauritania – Nigeria – Somalia – Indonesia.

– A copy of the high school certificate, certified and translated into Turkish, or the latest transcript obtained by the student.
– A copy of the applicant’s passport or a copy of his residency in Türkiye.
– A colored personal photo of the applicant.

For more details about grants and registration, you can contact us: Via WhatsApp

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