Human medicine

Human medicine specialty:

Man has worked and thought about developing himself, himself, and his surroundings since his existence on Earth. He has excelled in all specializations and fields, and one of the most important and best things in which man has excelled is the field of medicine and health. The specialty of human medicine, in short, can be said to be the specialty concerned with protecting human health from diseases, and any ailments that may affect him in the external body or internal systems, and working to prevent disease before it strikes and relieve pain when a critical condition is reached. The emergence of medical science began from man’s need for the safety of his existence, and the causes of disease began to be explained as sorcery and magic, until the development of thought began with the discovery of the heart, the brain, and the organic causes of disease and ailments. Among those who excelled in this science in his time were the ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and Babylonians, and after them came Muslim scholars such as Ibn Sina, the author of the book The Canon of Medicine, Abu Bakr al-Razi, Ibn al-Nafis, and others who had white hands in the specialty of the white robe.

Duration of studying human medicine in Turkey:

The duration of studying human medicine is 6 years, which is divided into The study is as follows:

First and second year:

It represents what is known as the pre-clinical stage, in which the student studies basic medical sciences such as anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, etc.</span >.

In the third year:

The student begins to study pathology extensively.

Beginning of the fourth year:

Through the fifth grade, students begin practical and clinical training (stages) in Turkish hospitals.

In the sixth year:

Students begin to perform the duties of a regular doctor inside the hospital, and although they are like trainees, they receive a small fee for doing this work</span   

The most important departments of the human medicine specialty :

– Internal Medicine:

Specialization Focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of internal diseases in Body.

– Orthopedics :

Specialization Focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of injuries and diseases related to With an orthopedic device.

– Pediatrics

Specialization Focuses on diagnosing and treating children’s health problems and caring for their growth and development.</ p>

Gynecology and Obstetrics :

Specialization Focuses on women’s health, pregnancy, obstetrics and care Pregnant mothers.

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