Specialization in physical therapy

Physical therapy specialty:

The specialty of physical therapy is a type of medical science that is used to improve movement disorders, and to promote human body functions and optimal health. The specialty of physical therapy is considered one of the allied medical sciences “medical professions”, which is the diagnosis and treatment of pathological conditions, problems and movement disorders using natural means through understanding the body’s movement “physical means”, therefore it is called (physical therapy). Hot or cold compresses are used in it. Or therapeutic exercises, or hydrotherapy, or the use of lasers and other types of rays, as well as electrical currents and medical adhesive technology.

Physical therapy is a medical specialty and is therefore considered a branch of medicine, and physical therapy is the actual practice of this science. Physiotherapy programs are used to improve and develop people in their health and humanitarian fields by providing means of prevention, treatment and rehabilitation.

This specialty is practiced in many fields, and it is noted that there has been a great development in its program as a result of the tremendous technological development and the manufacture of devices for physical therapy. The specialization aims to introduce students to the importance of activating the method of diagnosing diseases and initiating an appropriate treatment plan.

The specialty of physical therapy aims to improve and develop areas of life through prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation. Physical therapy is a method of interaction between doctors and patients that depends on the doctors’ assessment of the patients’ movement, and then diagnosing the condition to begin the treatment plan.

Number of years studying physical therapy in Turkey:

The number of years of physical therapy in Turkey is four years for the bachelor’s degree stage, and there is also a physical therapy institute in Turkey, and the duration of its study is only two years.

Subjects taught in physical therapy:

The courses taught in the physical therapy specialty vary according to university programs and plans. However, some of these subjects are considered a (university requirement) or subjects shared with other branches of medicine or different medical colleges. These subjects include:

Chemistry and physics


Anatomy and histology




Introduction to physical therapy

Introduction to clinical medicine

Therapeutic exercises

Physical therapy in orthopedic, neurological, pediatric, geriatric and chronic medicine


Behavioral psychology



Internal medicine science

Surgical science

Medical ethics

Diagnostic radiology

Medical Administration

Physical therapy specialty departments:

Department of Basic Sciences of Physical Therapy

Department of Physiotherapy for Neurological Diseases and Surgery

Department of Pediatric Physiotherapy and Surgery

Department of Orthopedic Physiotherapy, Traumatology and Surgery

Department of Physiotherapy for Surgery

Department of Biomechanics

Department of Physiotherapy for Obstetrics, Gynecology and Surgery.

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