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Kafkas University

About the university:

Kafkaes University, also called “Caucasus University”. The university seeks to become one of the leading universities in Turkey, as it occupies an advanced ranking, both locally and globally. The university is distinguished by its very low annual fees, which makes it a destination for international students in general and Arabs in particular, because in addition to its distinction and progress, it accepts a large number of international students every year at its distinguished university.

Available colleges:

– Faculty of medicine

– Faculty of Dentistry

– College of Education

– College of Arts and Sciences

– College of Fine Arts

– Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences

– College of Sharia

– Faculty of Engineering – Architecture

– College of Health Sciences

– Sarokamesh College of Tourism

– College of Veterinary Medicine

For more details about grants and registration, you can contact us: Via WhatsApp

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