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Erciyes University

About the university:

Arcis University was named after Mount Arges, which has a height of more than 3,916 meters and is located on the southwestern plateau, 15 km from the city of Kayseri. . Arges University has been able to integrate education, research and health services all on one campus, as the university’s motto is to reach the top.

Available colleges :

– Faculty of Medicine

– Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences

– College of Engineering

– Faculty of Sharia

– Faculty of Architecture

– Faculty of Fine Arts

– College of Veterinary Medicine

– College of Education

– College of Communications

– Faculty of Science

– Faculty of Arts

– College of Health Sciences

– College of Tourism

– College of Mathematical Sciences

– Faculty of Law

– College of Pharmacy

– Faculty of Dentistry

– Faculty of Agriculture

– College of Aviation and Space Sciences

For more details about grants and registration, you can contact us: Via WhatsApp

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