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Yildiz Technical University

About the university:

Yildiz Technical University was named after the meaning of the word Yildiz, which means star. The university takes as its emblem the always shining star in reference to the university’s brilliance and its continuity in providing The best educational levels for its students, and the word technology was later added to indicate the university’s interest in applied and technical sciences in particular. The most important characteristic of Yildiz Technical University is its constant development and its keeping pace with all technical and technological discoveries and inventions, in addition to its strong educational level.

Available colleges :

– College of Education

– Faculty of Electricity and Electron

– College of Arts and Letters

– College of Maritime and Shipbuilding

– Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences

– College of Construction

– Faculty of Minerals – Chemistry

– Mechanical College

– Faculty of Architecture

– College of Arts and Design

– Faculty of Applied Sciences

– College of Administrations affiliated with the Presidency

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