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Anadolu University

About the university:
Anatolia University in Turkey is classified as one of the oldest public universities. It was founded in 1958 under the name Eskişehir Academy of Economic and Commercial Sciences. Then its name was changed to Anadolu University and it began educational activity according to a new work curriculum since 1982 to be among the most popular academic institutions in the country.
Anadolu University distinguished itself in implementing the distance education system, as the number of its students in this system reached more than two million students who benefited from distance education, while the total number of students exceeded the barrier of 3.5 million male and female students, including more than 15 thousand international students.

Available colleges:
– faculty of Pharmacy
– college of Literature
– College of Science
– College of Fine Arts
– College of Air and Space Sciences
– collage of rights
– Faculty of Economics
– College of Journalism and Mass Communication
– Management college
– College of Design and Architecture
– College of Health Sciences
– College of Mathematical Sciences
– College of Tourism
– College of Open Education
– Faculty of Economics
– Faculty of Education
– College of Communications
– College of Open Education

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