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Registering After Arrival

Within a month of arriving in Turkey, all international students must have registered and obtained a residency permit (Ikametgah Belgesi). This permit is required by the Directorate of Security in each province.

After collecting all the required documents, you must submit them and your passport to the Bureau of Foreign Residence Registration. You will be given a receipt indicating the date you can pick up your passport and residency permit. The process usually takes no longer than two to three days. It is necessary to return to the bureau to pick up your documents and passport.

Students enrolled in a degree program at any university are usually given residency permits valid for one year at a time.

Special students and exchange students are given residency permits for the period of time they will be studying in Turkey, as indicated on the student visa. Such students can extend their residency permit if they extend their enrollment. Residency permits can be easily extended. Please note that you must submit a student’s certificate to renew your residency permit. This student’s certificate can only be issued after your formal registration at a university.



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