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Consular Section

As a real student and student that is ready to study in Turkey through TURKEY EDUCATION CENTER must understand how to face Russian embassy consular.


Common  question ask by consular of Turkey embassy.

1) What do you want to study? (you must know)

2) What school do you want to study? (you must check your invitation letter and see)

3) What city is your university located? ( you must ask or check your invitation letter)

4) What is the name of your admission or your consultant in Turkey? ( TURKISH MEDICAL COUNCIL or check at the back of your admission letter)

5)  what is your course duration in Turkey (you must know this)

6)  what are going to Turkey to study or work (you want to study)

7) When you finish your study in Turkey  are you going back home or stay in Turkey ( i am going back home)

8) When  you finish your courses in Turkey are you going to further  your study  (if master  yes to study Phd) if Phd  no you are  going back home (if language course yes)

9) Are you going to Turkey with your full school fees and hostel fees (you must answer yes).

10) All your document that you are taking to Turkey are they originals. (you must answer this) With all this detail you have 100% visa assurance as Turkey education student.



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