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Nursing is a unique profession, now more broadly defined as both an art and a science. In today’s challenging healthcare environment, the qualified, professional nurse combines knowledge (theory), skill (practice), creativity and intuition to tend the sick, comfort the grieving and support the desolate.

Nursing is a specialised profession that focuses on caring, nurturing, educating and research within the healthcare system. Those who are willing to learn, who possess leadership qualities and have a strong desire to care for and improve the quality of life of the sick should consider pursuing a course of study in Nursing. The nursing degree at Turkish Medical Council aims to produce knowledgeable, skilled nurses with clear critical thinking skills who are caring, assertive, motivated and well-disciplined.

For those who are qualified in this discipline, Nursing offers a wealth of career opportunities in the fields of education, clinical practice, research and management. A nursing graduate can aspire to become a university professor, a clinical specialist, a research specialist, or a director of nursing. With experience, a nursing graduate can run his/her own nursing home or nursery while there are also opportunities to pursue a nursing career abroad.

Key facts


Bachelor of Nursing

Duration: 4 years

Medium of instruction: English


Tuition Fee: 3500$/year

Accommodation: 1000$/year(vary from 500$ to 1000$)

Medical Insurance: 100$/year

Registration Fee: 100$/year

Initial Medical Checkups: 100$/one time

Airport Pickup: 200$/one time

Admission Fee: 500$/one time

Package: 5500$(on arrival)




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