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Erciyes University

Erciyes University is a Turkish institute of higher education located in Kayseri, Turkey. As of 4 April 2006, a total of 28,474 students were studying for their bachelors degree and postgraduate studies.

Erciyes University began as the Gevher Nesibe Medical Faculty, which was opened as an affiliation with Hacettepe University in 1969, and Kayseri Business Administration Faculty, which opened in 1977, constituted an independent university under the name of The University of Kayseri in 1978. In 1982, the other two higher education institutions in Kayseri were incorporated into the same university as Faculty of Engineering and Faculty of Theology. Then its name was converted to Erciyes University.

 Departments Comprising the Division of Basic Medical Sciences: 

1. Medical Biology 

2. Anatomy  

3. Histology 

4. Physiology 

5. Biochemistry 

6. Microbiology and Clinical Microbiology 

7. Deontology 







Departments Comprising the Division of Internal Medicine: 

1. Pediatrics 

2. Forensic Medicine 

3. Pharmacology 

4. General Internal Medicine 

5. Psychiatry  

6. Public Health 

7. Nuclear Medicine 

8. Neurology 

9. Dermatology 

10. Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation 

11. Clinical Bacteriology and Infectious Diseases 

12. Pulmonary Diseases 

13. Radiology 

14. Radiation Oncology 

15. Cardiology 

16. Family Medicine 

Departments Comprising the Division of Surgical Sciences: 

1. General Surgery 

2. Pathology 

3. Thoracic Surgery 

4. Cardiovascular Surgery 

5. Pediatric Surgery 

6. Neurosurgery 

7. Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery 

8. Gynecology and Obstetrics 

9. Ear-Nose-Throat Surgery 

10. Eye Diseases 

11. Urology 

12. Orthopedics and Traumatology 

13. Anesthesiology and Reanimation

Undergraduate Medical Education

Potential students must be a high school graduate or an equivalent institution. The students that are accepted into the Faculty of Medicine as a result of the ÖSS (Student Selection and Placement Examination) must take responsibility to ensure that their place that they deserve has been reserved. In order to reserve your space in which you have been awarded, you must register. 

Our University Rector decides on the dates of registration. The following documents are needed in order to register as a student of the Faculty of Medicine:

Required documents needed for registration:

The Student Selection and Placement Exam (OSYM) results. 

An original copy of high school diploma or a recently signed graduation certificate. 

Certified copy of the candidates ID card. 

Certificate showing where the candidate currently lives. 

For male candidates who were born before 1982, a certificate (obtained from the military recruiting office) showing their compulsory military service status. For those tha were born after 1983, this certificate is not required. 

12 photographs (4.5 X 6 cm). Photographs must have been recently taken (within the last six months) and from the frontal view. The head must be uncovered and must be taken in such a way that anybody can easily recognize the candidate. 

Deposit slip from the bank showing that the student has deposited a portion of their tuition. 

2. Postgraduate Medical Education 

a. Masters Degree

b. Doctorate Degree

c. The education of proficiency in medicine

Tuition Fees

General Medicine:

      Tuition fee for Turkish medium:

             Preparatory Course: (1 year) 2100$

             Medical Course: (6 years) 3600$ per year       

     Tuition fee for English medium: (The preparatory course is NOT NEEDED for the English medium course)

             Medical Course: (6 years) 5300$ per year 


             Preparatory Course: (1 year) 2100$

             Dental Course: (6 years) 3600$ per year        

Other payments (fees)

Payment for Invitation (Visa) - 100$ US

Registration (entrance) payment - 200$ US

Service charge - 500$


Please, ask us concerning the structure of fees on postgraduate courses by e-mail:

Post Graduate fees depends on the specialty - from 3000 to 4500$ per year

Emergency help and insurance:

During the period of study outpatient care and medical observation is provided free of charge at the polyclinic of the University. Minimal required medical insurance payment is 100 $ US a year (including Preparatory Faculty).


Double-room in a student hostel: 600$ per year for all students, including preparatory and postgraduate faculties.

Students later having got adopted to the climate and the people in Turkey could rent a flat near by the University, where the rent would come around 150$ - 200$ per month.



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