Saturday, August 24, 2019

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Course fees

Students are required to pay admission fees for all universities in the UAE, plus additional costs for applying and registering for courses.

It is a good idea to check with each institution you are applying to as fees will vary depending on the university and the course.

Courses in the UAE are assessed in semester credit hours with each course carrying a certain number of credits. These credits are awarded after the course has been successful completed. The costs of each credit hour changes depending on the course.

For example, A MSc in Electrical Engineering at the United Arab Emirates University will cost around £280 per one-credit hour with the complete programme totalling 30-credit hours. This equates to around £9,000 for a postgraduate programme at a state-funded university.

The MSc in Information Technology at Ajman University of Science and Technology costs £160 with the programmes total credit hours at 33.

To find out about entry requirements and costs, search for individual universities at the UAE Commission for Academic Accreditation  .



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