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Board Review

Students feel they need a content based board review for two common reasons, (1) structure, (2) targeting what they should study, when they study on their own. Our content based board review presents the basic sciences via an integrated systems based approach. They not only learn what they need to know for the exam, they learn it in the manner the questions will be presented on the exam. This review takes place in the morning sessions. The weekly schedule is as follows:

NMBE Practice Questions

Each year the National Medical Board of Examiners releases a guide for students planning to take the USMLE step 1 examination. This guide usually includes 140 to 160 practice questions. Each year 20 to 30 of these or similar questions appear on the examination. The answers supplied by NBME to the questions do not have explanations.

We have developed a thorough PowerPoint review of all the questions. This review will make students comfortable with the NBME questions, and feel prepared if these questions or similar questions appear on the exam.

Question Based Board Review

A concept based board review lays the ground work for the foundational preparation of the exam. Students sometimes, however struggle when trying to apply that knowledge to the questions they face on the actual board exam. This question based board review gives students an opportunity to see how the concepts they learned translates into board questions. The afternoon sessions are dedicated to question based board review. Questions from the USMLE WORLD QBank, NBME, and a compilation of high yield questions, form the basis of the review.

Mock Exam

Students are required to take a mock USMLE examination the second day of the program to assess their fund of knowledge. The correct answers are then distributed and reviewed at the end of the semester.






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