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Admission/Visa Process

How to apply for admission to Chineese University:

Documents required for admission:

1.   Filled Application form

2.    Copy of each academic certificate  

3.   Police clearance certificate

4.   Passport Size Photo

5.   Passport

Admission Procedure:

Step-1: E-mail us all the documents that are required for admission.

Step-2: After examining the application material/documents, we apply for admission in the desired course/university.

University/College issues the admission letter in 2-3 days.

Step-3: After getting admission letter from the university, we apply for JW 202 (Visa invitation letter) that takes at least 3

week to be issued.

Step-4: As we get the JW 202 letter, we post these documents (Admission letter & JW 202 form) to the student’s mailing address.

How to apply for Visa:

  Documents required to apply for Visa:

1.   Filled Visa Application form

2.   Original Admission letter and Visa invitation letter (JW 202)

3.   Original academic certificates attested by relevant education board and foreign affair office

4.   Original Police clearance certificate

5.   Medical Examination record (Attested by Foreign affair office)

6.   Passport Size Photos

7.   Original passport

Visa Procedure:

Step-1: After getting the original admission letter and JW 202 form, student prepare the file of all the documents required for visa.

Step-2: student personally appears to the Chinese Embassy in his/her country and applies for student Visa (X-Visa)

Step-3: Chinese embassy takes about 4 working days to issue X-Visa



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