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 Are diplomas of Turkish universities recognized?

All Turkish universities are affiliated by the Higher Education Council of Turkey (YÖK), which is the overseeing body for higher education. YÖK and Turkish universities are a part of the Bologna Process. There is not one general entity which determines the equivalency of all diplomas for all countries. Equivalency for each country is determined by that country’s specific educational authority.

I want to come as an exchange student. Can I transfer the credits I will get in Izmir to my home university?

Yes, you can transfer credits to your home university, however you should have your course selection approved by your home university before your arrival in order secure recognition.

What is the language of instruction in Izmir universities?

The language of instruction at Izmir universities is Turkish and English. A second foreign language may also be offered as a compulsory course or elective. Please check with the relevant university to get detailed information.

Do I need a visa?

Yes, you need a student visa. You can get your student visa from the nearest Turkish representation in your area by providing the acceptance letter from the relevant university along with the other requested documents. Please check the link for the list of Turkish representations abroad:

Why should I get a residence permit?

The maximum amount of time you can stay in Turkey without a residence permit is 3 months. In order for you to legalize your stay as a student and enjoy the benefits of being a student in Izmir (such as discount tickets for students for in transportation services, GSM operators, shopping malls, movies, etc.) you must get a residence permit. Your host university’s international office will help you to get your residence permit upon your arrival.

Will I get welcoming and orientation services?

Yes, all universities in Izmir provide well organized and fun orientation programs for incoming students. Please contact your host university’s international office for details.



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